Accounting Integration & Reports

Successfully managing a shop requires mountains of data, but without an organized, comprehensive system, data can be useless. With Realtrac’s Management Software, you can generate reports from the database of all jobs and estimates, quickly and easily.

In addition to standard and customized management reports, Realtrac offers reports on:

  • Single and Multi-item Quotations
  • Estimate Detail
  • Estimate Overall Summary
  • Estimate Buyout Analysis
  • List of Estimates
  • Estimate Router
  • Job/Estimate Bill of Material
  • Job Form—Order Entry
  • Job Router Specification
  • Multimedia Picture—Setup or Part
  • Router—Job Router, Job Router, and Bill of Materials Combined, or Job Router and Specifications Combined
  • Router—Job & Specifications/Landscape
  • Job/Estimate Bill of Materials or BOM Pick List
  • Bill of Items Used
  • Invoice
  • Credit Memo
  • Packing List
  • Bar Code Label
  • Sales Order Invoice
  • O. Shipper/Receiver
  • Purchase Order
  • Overall Cost Summary
  • Job Cost Summary
  • Job Cost Detail
  • Active Job Summary
  • Open Order Status
  • Open Order Graphical Summary
  • Work in Process
  • Ship Orders Status
  • Tree Estimate vs. Actual Cost Analysis
  • Tree Profit Analysis
  • Dispatch List—Queued
  • Dispatch List—Pending
  • Dispatch List—Distant
  • Inventory List
  • Inventory List with Location
  • Item Master List
  • Bill of Material
  • List—Bill of Material
  • Purchase Order History
  • Invoice History
  • Employee List/Bar Codes
  • Work Station List/Bar Codes
  • Employee Time Summary
  • Employee Weekly Time Summary

Accounting integration with QuickBooks!

Calculate and display the quotes for up to 10 quantities.

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