Managing Purchasing & Inventories

Realtrac provides a convenient way to buy materials for stock or specific jobs, as well as purchasing outside services and non-stock items.

Our Purchasing Job Tracking Software allows you to:

  • Quickly prepare POs—vendors and item names/descriptions can be automatically inserted from an Item Master database.
  • Automatically update a Purchase Order history as items are received, along with job and inventory costs.
  • Create purchase orders from many screens, including: Job Order Entry, Purchase Order History, Inventory, and Bill of Material Detail.
  • Analyze vendor performance through several Purchase Order History Report options.

Additionally, with our Inventory MRP Software you can:

  • Maintain control of raw materials, finished and unfinished parts, customer-supplied material, tooling, and more, including serial numbers and lot traceability.
  • Automatically update quantities on hand and on order.
  • Allocate material to a job and easily move material from inventory to a job.
  • Quickly see what vendors supply an item and expedite purchase orders.

Using a comprehensive database of items in inventory, including raw material, finished or semi-finished parts, customer material, tooling, supplies, and more, you can easily track quantities on hand, on order, or those that need to be re-ordered. These tools can reduce lag time in the production process, minimize waste and increase profitability.

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