Rightboard®, our recently released scheduling and machine loading tool, is a powerful visual electronic whiteboard. This exciting innovation reacts in real time to ensure shops are running the right job, at the right time, on the right machine—dramatically increasing workflow, maximizing efficiency, ensuring on-time deliveries, and improving production costs.

Realtrac Rightboard® solves the age-old problem of idle or overloaded machines and employees, both of which incur direct costs. Rightboard® turns costs into savings by:

  • Allowing shops to schedule and organize work electronically by machine, while visually showing what jobs to run and in what order, based on customer delivery requirements.
  • Serving as a visual tool for shop employees, helping the shop run smoothly from job-to-job throughout the day.
  • Saving valuable machine and labor time to maximize productivity and work center use.

Customers have called Rightboard® “a game changer.”

After using Rightboard®, Rich Fournier, the shop manager at Delta Research in Livonia, Michigan, says, “Finally, a scheduling program that works. It has been a game changer for us. We have been using various whiteboards with markers and magnets for years, and it has been so inefficient and time consuming. With the new Rightboard®, our machinists know exactly what to run and when. I don’t know how we ran our shop without this scheduling tool.”

Using some of the newest technology on the market, such as Drag and Drop capability, document controls, global dynamic sorting, auto re-routing and work center tagging, Rightboard® takes the guesswork out of scheduling, assists you in meeting customer delivery dates, and gives you total control over the shop floor.

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Maximize efficiency and increase workflow with Rightboard®.

Realtrac’s Rightboard®

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