Shop Management

Our software gives you a clear view of what is happening on the shop floor, the status of active jobs and work sessions:

  • The Shop Floor Status screen shows you which jobs are running on which machines. For each job, you can see the drawing and operation numbers, estimated and actual hours, and run status, along with the employee and their log-on time. The screen is updated in real time and allows you to edit a work session.
  • The Active Job Status screen displays the current status of each active job in Realtrac. Quickly determine a job’s current location, whether it’s ahead or behind schedule, and the estimated, actual, and remaining hours. You can retrieve specific jobs and create customized Work in Progress reports.
  • The Work Session Review screen allows you to view, change, or add work sessions in the system, so you can determine job costing, employee efficiency, load hours, and piece counts. The data can be filtered by machine, job, operation, or employee in order to quickly locate problem areas.

Are jobs ahead or behind schedule? Where are bottlenecks occurring? Which employees are working the most efficiently? The answers to these questions and more are right at your fingertips, putting you in control of the shop floor.

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Quickly determine a job’s current location.

Shop Floor Control

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